What I’m Watching: May 2017


I love movies. I love TV. I am someone who constantly has the TV on, even if it’s just for background noise. I am not someone who likes to not have something playing. I thought it would be fun to keep up with what we’re watching each month, both new releases and not-so-new.

I miss the times where we went to the movies weekly. It just isn’t practical, moneywise, anymore. Maybe it wasn’t when we did it, either. I feel like we watch movies so much less lately. I think that this is more the fault of the movie industry and their lack of interesting viewings for us more than us being uninterested, though.

Office Christmas Party
I will admit…it’s rather odd to be watching a holiday movie outside of said holiday. The only time I do this is with Halloween-esque movies; I’ll watch those all year. However, I wanted to check this movie out. I am a fan of TJ Miller, Jason Bateman, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, and Vanessa Bayer. I was excited when I saw that they were all in a movie together, though I felt torn when it was this movie.

TJ Miller is of course hilarious. Everyone has good movie chemistry with only a few things that made me make a WTF face. I found this movie to be funny and entertaining to watch. However, I doubt I will ever actually watch it again.



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
We did splurge to go see this movie. I could not let it leave the theater without seeing it. We were huge fans of the first one and I was excited to see what they would do for a follow-up. The opening credits, featuring Baby Groot, was my favorite part. Visually appealing, well acted, hilarious, fantastic soundtrack. So many positives! And while I enjoyed the movie, I’m not sure if it was great. The storyline wasn’t that interesting to me, but it was so well acted and visually appealing, my brain is overlooking that and wanting to say it was a great movie. A good movie, sure, definitely. But I feel like the story in and of itself was missing on some things. That being said – it was a great experience and I look forward to watching it again. I’d probably even go see it again in the theater.

You’ve Got Mail
I love pretty much anything Tom Hanks touches. And this is one of my favorite romantic comedies. It is so adorable, so well done, and just so lovely. I don’t have enough to say about this movie.

TV Shows

Project Runway: Seasons 9 and 10
Since this is the first time I’m doing this [hello, new blog!], I will warn you all right now: at least one season of Project Runway will always be on this list. This is my go-to background noise show. And when I am stuck being creative, this is what I will watch to help re-spark my creativity. I actually own seasons 1-6 on DVD and I watch the later season on Hulu. I love this show so much, though after season…12, I think, I really start to lose interest. The first few seasons are my favorite. I may do a very outdated review of earlier seasons while I rewatch.



Twin Peaks
I have been busy re-watching season two of Twin Peaks in honor of the new Showtime season. We are going to wait until the entire season is out before we watch the new season, so no spoilers here on that! I love this weird show and cannot wait to see what they’ve done with the reboot.

Parks and Recreation
This has been a “throw on for background noise” show for me, as well. I love this show so much. Sometimes I’ll put it on to go to sleep to, but it will usually keep me up because I get drawn into the storyline. Also: Not a lot of things make me cry. But I cry everytime Ben proposes to Leslie. And their wedding! Ugh, I love them so much.

Trial & Error
I wasn’t sure about this show. We’ve watched a couple of episodes and I am still not sure about it. I like the format that they’re using, in general (like The Office) but I’m not sure I am liking it with this show. I love John Lithgow, though, and I really want to support him.  But I haven’t wanted to pick it up since the first evening of viewing. I’m not sure if I will finish it, honestly.



Bob’s Burgers
This is my current favorite animated show. We are actually starting to collect the grab bags of these characters. We have picked up 5 and only had one repeat (anyone want a Zeke figurine?). This show is hilarious, has a great cast, and I love the animation.

The Simpsons
This is a combination of old episodes and current. I have only watched random episodes of this show and have been watching it from the beginning (thanks, FXNow app!). I have seen a lot more than I would have ever guessed, though. And when there are new episodes, we watch those, as well. I am enjoying watching the older episodes. This current season hasn’t been that great, though.

Shark Tank
We randomly watched a Shark Tank rerun years ago and we have been hooked ever since. I love this show and the ridiculous things that have come on it. We’ve actually purchased one item from the show and have strong considered a few others. It’s really interesting to watch and I love seeing people start their own businesses and seeing what people can create.



The Great British Baking Show/The Great British Bake Off
I have heard of this show a lot, but had never watched it until a couple of years ago when ABC did their Great American Baking Show and fell in love! The format of this show is so fantastic. I love the way they do the challenges and I love how it isn’t drama-filled. I was pleased to see that Netflix had a season and they’ve been slowly adding more. I love cooking shows but this one has spoiled me; I wish there were more shows as nice as this one.


What did you watch in May? Any shows or movies you can recommend to me?