WWKIP Day 2017


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of getting to celebrate World Wide Knit In Public (WWKIP) Day with my local knitting friends. A few of us met for lunch, had a lovely time chatting and of course knitting, before heading to Books-a-Million to meet up with even more knitters and to continue the chatting.

Knitting in public is not a new concept for me. 80% of the time, when I leave the house, I have knitting. Sometimes I knit when we go out to eat, sometimes I don’t. I’m not consistent there. But I enjoy having a project with meĀ just in case.


Once a month, my local knitting friends and I get together for lunch and what we refer to as Sock Club. When it originally started, it was intended for knitting socks. Now, we just knit whatever we want. We have fun and for some of us [myself include at this point in time], this is the only time we really get to knit during the month.

I haven’t had the chance to attend sock club much these past few months. It was nice to get to visit with friends and play catch up…and add a couple of inches to my hat.


I even had the opportunity to knit in publicĀ before our official meet up. We had a yard sale yesterday and I assisted in helping that morning before leaving. I even finished a sock while helping. I started this sock Christmas Eve 2016 and I am just now finishing the first sock. I tell you — my knitting mojo has been incredibly hit or miss these past few months. But I am excited to have a HO!

Did any of you get the chance to Knit in Public for WWKIP Day? What projects did you work on?