WIP It Wednesday: June 07, 2017

I finally, at the beginning of the six month of this year, feel like I’m getting back into knitting. I’m not necessarily as inspired by knitting as I would like, but I am at the point where I want to knit again. I’ve been rather stressed these last few weeks and, though I had stated I would not be casting on a new project anytime soon, I decided it was time to cast on a new project.


Enter the Shirestones Hat by Mina Phillipp of Knitting Expat Designs and the Knitting Expat video podcast (a lovely podcast, by the way, if you’ve yet to watch it). I have a lot of Mina’s patterns in my queue but have yet to take the plunge on knitting one. When my friend, Daniela of the Caffeinated Crafting video podcast, announced she would be hosting a Knitting Expat KAL for the months of May and June, I knew I wanted to jump in.

As I briefly mentioned before, I have not felt inspired with my knitting lately. I’m keeping patterns simple, once I can memorize or just briefly look at before I begin knitting in the evening. I want something more detailed, but I just don’t have it in me right now.


So while I really wanted to knit a shawl, like Mina’s Across the Pond shawl, I decided something with a little less commitment might be best for me. So I browsed her patterns and came across this Shirestones hat. It was perfect.

A four-row repeat, this textured hat is an easy-to-memorize pattern, perfect for knitting while watching TV and easy on-the-go knitting, if I were to need something like that. And it’s a hat! One of the reasons I wanted to learn to knit was because I wanted hats. Hats are my happy place and it’s nice to sit down and knit one for myself.


The yarn is just scrumptious. This is Hedgehog Fibre’s Merino DK in the Dragonfly colorway. This is my first time knitting with their DK weight yarn and boy, oh boy, it’s just as wonderful as their sock and single bases. This was a gift from a friend that I am so thankful to have in my life. The knitting community is just full of some of the most awesome people.


And not only that, but my stitch marker comes from Rick of Whimzee Stitches with a bag from JavaJennie of Kitchen Counter Crafter fame. This project just makes me think of so many amazing people; it’s like my own little bundle of joy.

I am about halfway done with the body. I did make some modifications:

  • Mina’s pattern has you fold the brim for extra warmth, but as someone who runs hot pretty much all year round, I didn’t deem that necessary. Instead, I knit the brim until I was pleased with the length then moved on to the body. I may need to add some extra repeats to make up for length, but I think I will be just fine.
  • She recommends a size US 6, while I am using a Knit Picks nickel plated fixed circular in US 7.
  • I am also using a DK weight yarn where the pattern calls for worsted. I think it will work out just fine, though.



What is your current project? Have you knit any of Mina’s patterns before?