2018 Goals


Later, 2017!

I say I’m not big on resolutions, but every year, I do make lots of goals at the beginning of each year. For the most part, they have to do with my hobbies. And this year really isn’t that different.


Moon planner from Bombasine.


First, I made a few bookish goals. Those are the ones I really want to focus on. However, I want to definitely make some growth in other parts of my of life.


Next, I want to work on my sewing skills. In 2017, with the help of my mom, I learned the sewing basics. I (mostly) made a lap blanket, as well as some bookmarks and mug rugs. I really want to use 2018 to further my sewing skills.

Things I would like to make:

  • A blanket for our bed (king size)
  • Figure out how to make weighted blankets
  • Figure out how to make sensory blankets



I, of course, want to work on my knitting skills:

  • Knit six items with handspun yarn
  • Knit 20 hats for Hats for Kiddos
  • Knit at least 2 sweaters/cardigans



On top of knitting, I really want to work on my weaving:

  • Weave a scarf for my SO
  • Weave dishcloths

I also recently figured out a way to spin without it hurting my back, so I am pumped to get back into spinning. My only spinning goal is to spin 24 ounces out of my stash.


And then, the biggie: I want to vend at my first craft fair. In 2017, I opened an Etsy store. On top of these more specific goals with my crafts, I have plans to knit/weave/sew some items to have when I vend. The place I want to vend is local to me and in September, so I have a few months to work on getting some items ready.

My plan is mostly to have hats, but I’d also like to weave some scarves, knit some washcloths, sew some bookmarks. I have a schedule in my planner that has how many items I’d like to get done. None of those items are included in my points above, so I will definitely have a busy craft year. And since my 2017 crafting wasn’t much, I’m looking forward to really pushing myself this year.