Welcome to grungeNEON!

My name is Allie and I thank you for checking out my place on the Internet. I am a huge fan of blogging and have been working on a book blog, The Book Cover Judge, since 2016. I recently have been wanting to branch my topics out but did not feel the posts I wanted to do fit the theme of the original blog, Thus, grungeNEON was born!

As well as being a lover of books, I am a [wannabe] fiber artist. I have been knitting since 2009, spinning since 2013, and started learning to weave in 2016. I co-host a knitting podcast with my mom. I still wanted another outlet, though, to discuss this part of my life.

I am also a lover of makeup. I have been a makeup fan for the majority of my life: I spent a lot of my younger years “borrowing” my mother’s eyeshadow palettes and coloring my face like a clown. It wasn’t until 2015/2016, though, that I really started to look into makeup and beauty bloggers/vloggers and started venturing out into mid-to-high-end makeup brands. I enjoy reading about makeup, especially makeup reviews, and I thought it would be fun to occasionally do some posts in that vein.

What else can you expect here? Who knows. Fiber and makeup will be the main themes, but I also like the idea of keeping this blog more general. It came into existence due to my other blog being so niche. Sometimes, you just have to write about something. And I look forward to having that outlet here.