Weave Me Alone

In 2009, I taught myself how to knit. In 2013, a friend taught me how to spin. In 2016, I decided I wanted to learn to weave.


While attending Fiber in the Boro, one of my favorite local fiber events, I splurged on the Pop Out Loom from Black Sheep Goods. I found myself stopping and looking at lots of weaving projects and talking to many who were weaving. But I didn’t want to completely jump in and purchase a new fiber tool with something I wasn’t 100% sure I would be interested in. When I came across her booth, I knew this was the perfect solution. I could try out weaving, see what I thought about it before completely jumping in.


And I do love it. I thought I would. So much so, I decided to upgrade in December of 2016 to a Schacht Cricket Loom. My mother and Daniela, one of my best friends [the lady who taught me to spin, actually], took a trip to a semi-local yarn store (about 40 minutes away) that we knew had looms in stock. They both had two 15-inch looms left, so Daniela and I both picked one up. She has completely jumped on the weaving train [she even has a shop with some FANTASTIC project bags with weaving incorporated]. My loom still sits on my desk, the first project still there.


I love using the pop out loom. I love the mobility of it. I love the quickness of it. I do love my loom, but I hate where it is located. It is on the built in desk because that is really the only place in our house that it would fit. I am going to start setting aside money for a stand. I am rather certain that if I was able to move the loom around I would be more inclined to actually work on my weaving projects.


I am thinking that, for now, my goals for my weaving projects are more art based: I am enjoying making the wall hangings and cannot wait to make more. I think the loom is more for bigger projects and that is not where my mindset is, currently. I do want to finish the scarf that I have on there and I have plans to make some larger pieces to eventually become wall hangings with some of my early spinning projects. And I have some pieces planned for kitchen towels.


So, I am glad I waited to splurge on the big ticket item. And I probably could have waited on that purchase, seeing how little I have actually used it. But I do know that once it gets a good place, I do believe that my weaving will increase.


But this pop out loom. I love this thing. I love working on projects with it while watching TV, while listening to books, while listening to music. The Cricket Loom will be wonderful when I am ready for it. The pop out loom is my baby, though. And I am so thankful and happy with that purchase. I cannot wait to get more pieces and eventually have our wall going up the stairs full of handmade pieces.

Are you a weaver? What items have you made? What are projects that you typically like to work on?


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